How To Sneak and Hide Drinking 1 Liter of Vodka Per Day When People Try to Take it.

First, you need to become a very irritable and angry person when you need to. Avoiding the confrontation by acting extremely crazy is strongly encouraged. You will never be able to enjoy your long-term drinking if you start acting sorry for yourself. You make yourself look very vulnerable and the sober people prey on that. You have to show confidence around others, especially those whom you may not trust.

On the other hand, you don’t want to be too aggressive with people either, because that could attract unwanted attention by the Cops. They can put an end to your drinking by throwing you in jail. At that point, you will need to learn how to ferment orange juice, which is a different topic. You will simply want to avoid the strangers who have no vested interest in your well-being. Instead, focus on loved ones and close friends. Be close enough to them to make them feel special, but if they start questioning your drinking habits, that is when you lay down the hammer on them.

To be successful in drinking, you have to play psychological games with other people, especially when you may rely on them for a little money from time to time. The people with the money need to feel special and have their needs met. Some drinkers are willing to do incredible things for some money to enjoy their beverages. You really have to be on top of your game to balance out a good support system with your habits.

Here is a video I recorded at a Sober Living Facility:

For example, I know someone who will give frequent sex to her loved one to enjoy up to 1 liter of vodka per day. She may drive him crazy at times, but she shows him enough love to feel like she really means well. He has told me that he cares very much for her and wants to help.  It tears him up inside to see her extremely inebriated, but she recovers from it and becomes as sweet as a strawberry again.

I also know another kind of relationship where the female provides the money for a male to drink. She doesn’t require frequent sex though, like the other relationship. She still wants to feel special though, at times. They are an older couple and have been with each other for many years. They have seen a lot together and now feel inseparable, no matter how much he drinks. He is like a troll under a bridge and she is his princess who enjoys swimming in the water with him.

The ideal situation for drinking as much as you is to have all the money and resources you need already provided for you. Perhaps having access to some drugs can help. With money, you have people also rely on you too. They will forgive you for your drinking habits, because they can associate it with you being successful. Money brings power and more freedoms to drink as much as you want to.

One example of someone who was very controversial was Congressman Charlie Wilson. He was very integral in securing money for the Afghan war. He also loved to drink and was perceived as being more fun and ambitious as a result of his drinking. He hid his drinking problem, by also being successful with his career. Although, I don’t think he got to drink as much as he probably would have liked to though. There was probably some sense of reserve of being in the public eye.

So, psychologically, if you are smart enough, you can hide your drinking problem in broad daylight. You can play the Jedi Mind Tricks with others and somehow they lapse on their judgement and question themselves instead. They are generally called enablers. Anyone can become an enabler at any point in the relationship. You could become an enabler by simply giving some spare change to a homeless man. I once had a bum ask me to go to a liquor store for him so he could buy some alcohol from an owner who kicked him out.

So, if you still have to deal with other people who are stubborn about getting you to quit. You may actually have to hide your alcohol. People tend to be most stubborn about your drinking in the workplace. There is no convincing fellow employees that it’s ok to drink on the job. They would have to be very close friends or loved ones to support your drinking habits. I know someone who used to hide their vodka in their water and drink at the job. Unfortunately, she wasn’t very successful for long.



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