How Do Homeless People Lose Their Pets?

When I slept in my car in Rice Lake, WI, I had a little black cat which came by from time to time. I realized that it was probably homeless itself. To first get its attention, I threw some chicken at it when it got close enough. It readily went for the chicken. Then I started dropping pieces closer and closer to me. It got more and more daring. I could see that it must have had a human owner at one time, but not so much now.

Over the next weeks I kept feeding it cat food. It let me pet it and I even got it to play with string. I didn’t want to always have food sit outside, because there were other cats that weren’t as friendly that would steal the food.

One day, I saw another bowl of cat food sitting further from my car. I guess someone else wanted to feed the cat as well. Within the week, the cat disappeared. I was shocked. I let it sleep in my car with me every so often, and now I lost a friend. I have no idea what happened to it. I can only hope its being taken care of.

I think there is a good chance the cat was taken by someone. I didn’t really watch over the cat very closely. On top of that, the cat ran off and did its own thing anyway. We just sort of met up from time to time, and I fed it. Part of my problem was that I didn’t have any control over the animal. Anyone could have taken it when I walked away.

Dog owners are different. If they get the right breed, they can be sure that the dog will never leave their side. It’s about choosing the right kind of animal that is loyal. Also, you need to be loyal to it in turn.

Some loyal dogs are the Rottweilers for example. You don’t want a selfish dogs that will run away chasing a scent. Beagles are notorious for running away. You would never find a homeless person with a beagle. It’s too risky to allow your pet to go on any kind of adventures where it is willing to risk traveling very far from you. There are people around who can be quick to call the police about the problem.

To keep a dog can be a huge advantage in the forest. They sense dangerous presences more keenly than humans. You can feel a little more at ease resting in the woods with a dog by your side. They bring a comfort level of safety to dangerous places.

I wonder how the cops would have handled the man in. New Mexico if he had a dog with him. Would those cops have been so quick to shoot him then? The guy died because he lacked protection against threats and we can all learn something by this.

But you have to be willing to give up some conveniences to keep a dog. You can’t enter many buildings or anything. Unless you had a partner who could also hold on to the dog while you enter a building, then that could work. The buses won’t allow dogs, so you will need to plan on walking a little more to get anywhere. But, if you get caught in a dangerous place, you can be sure your dog will offer safety.

There are ideal climates to have a pet dog if you are homeless. I think Washington and Oregon are ideal. The climate is very stable. The only threat are tsunamis along the coast. Also, you got problems with lots of rain too. It can rain for many days in a row around here and not slow down. But it doesn’t freeze much and you can both share in body heat.



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