The Ground Feels Very Loose on the Washington Coast Along the Pacific

I was told the last tsunami that occurred was a result of the land falling into the ocean. It wasn’t an issue with the ocean waves crashing into the land. Instead the land moved or subluxated into the ocean by about 30 inches. This created a tsunami.

I have never felt the ground shake so much while sitting in my car around Raymond. I first started feeling the shaking when I got to Aberdeen. I never noticed the shaking north of it. But now, any large truck that drives by will shake my car pretty easily. Some large trucks can even be a block away I will feel the shaking ground.

Maybe I’m a little paranoid, its hard to tell. I just never recalled feeling the ground shake so much in Wisconsin, or even further north in Washington. It’s like all along the coast has a lot of loose ground. If you look around the coast line, there is a lot of mud, which developed. People refer to the muddy banks of the Wishkah in Aberdeen.

The water moves back and forth with the rising and lowering of the tide. It isn’t so much a river as an inlet or slough. You just have to be aware of the larger picture of what is going on with the water to understand the whole process.

I suspect a lot of muddying of the ground underneath. I think the deeper ground is a little looser. But I’m not sure, since I’m not a geologist.20140618-200312-72192559.jpg


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