Tech News Today Notes; June 18: Amazon Fire Phone; Narrative clip; Life Logging; paid Prioritization; Blackberry; iMac; Adobe hardware

Seattle event Amazon Smartphone reveal today with 3d screen. It’s called the Amazon Fire Phone. It can possibly navigate catalogue with 3d menues. New Kindle Fire? Dash Bar a Code scanner built in.
-People can walk into Best Buy, scan product, then buy on Amazon.
Democrats are proposing a bill to ban Paid Prioritization. It would regulate streaming speed to create an Internet fastlane. Netflix and YouTube tend to hammer the net with demands. This bill would charge content providers and defends who pays ISPs. It will only affect provider and ISP, not the last mile to your home.

It’s a net neutrality issue sponsored by the Democrats. No Republicans want this Bill to pass. They argue that the government should not interfere with the Internet (FCC). It doesn’t sound like it will pass. Maybe the Senate can get some votes.
Facebook has a photo sharing app called Slingshot that is very similar to Snapchat. Even the name is similar. How it works is that if your friend sends you a pic, you have to send one first before you can look at theirs. The reporters comment on how the app sounds like nonsense.

Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion.

Hypothetically, free apps come out to replace paid ones with ads.

Poke failed and Facebook killed it. People had no reason to use Poke. Poke was built in 10 days while Slingshot took 3 months.

(Ephemeral messaging)
Microsoft Ventures, start up ventures
American Family Insurance pays $25k to home automation experts.

Microsoft creates breathtaking views of the future.


Blackberry 10.3 users will have apps from Amazon App Store.
Why help Blackberry?
-Amazon seems good at harming competitors.
$1,099 new iMac 500 gig hard drive. Slow. Nice screen
Adobe hardware. Stylus, iPad only: $200
Camera takes pics every 30 seconds of your life. Narrative clip: may make you sub conscience in the beginning. The Clip sorts pics. Its fun to go back through of your day and learn of habits.

Life logging, ? bell wears 2 cameras around neck

You tend to remember the memories with photos.

Describe feeling it gave you. You felt what you felt looking at pics.

$279 with 30 hour battery life. 20140618-193252-70372049.jpg


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