Drugs Both Heal and Kill, Just Like Electricity both Heals and Kills

After reading about how there have been botched executions that occur for both drugs and electricity, I believe that they both can fall short at times. This makes me question why we should rely on only one method of executing a prisoner. Why not use both electric chair and drug execution at the same time?

In. acupuncture, for healing and not killing, herbal therapy and needle therapy are very complementary to each other. They aren’t necessarily exclusive from each other. The discipline inter depends both electrical and chemical therapies together. That’s what makes treatment so effective for most people.

Have you ever heard of the drug-free operations? They can exist with using electrical Acupuncture. They successfully performed a heart surgery without using drugs to incapacitate the patient. The simply used needles strategically placed that were hooked up to a car battery. The patient was better off not getting overloaded with toxic drugs.

Although, what would work slightly better than electric needles are a light dose of drugs as well. Just because a patient may be interested in electrical Acupuncture, doesn’t mean they need to exclude all pain killing and mind numbing drugs. In fact, drugs and electricity work great together with the right strategy.

I was needled almost twenty times for a digestive disorder. The Acupuncturist also followed up my needling with herbal therapies as well. I liked the treatment a lot, it made me feel better. But I was suffering and the pains still returned anyway. I finally figured out the best strategy for my disease, but it took a long time and cost a lot of money.

As you can see, the drugs and electrical charges can help aid us in our the direction we need to go with our life course. If we need to recover from an illness, a strategy can be developed to improve our condition. If we need emergency surgery, there is a different strategy. And lastly, if we need to be executed for our murderous past, there is the ultimate strategy of overloading our bodies with drugs and electricity.

If I were to strategize a moment for combining the 2 disciplines into executions, I would think that you want to use an extract that depresses the heart significantly enough so that a strong electrical current can finish off the rest of the prisoners life. But I’m just pontificating.

It’s too bad that there are people out there who are so evil, that it comes to choosing the Desth Penalty.



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