7 Ebay Radio Podcast Tips: Give your best tip for $25 Gift Certificate from Bubblefast.

Here is Bubblefast website:




1. MissCustomerService says: I go to Fiverr.com for artists to draw different types of shoes.The I put measurements and description on the image. I have used gotten artists multiple times with success.

2. Pappaloni says: I sell small engine parts and clean them for extra profit, then resell.

3. WithSpiceandVariety says: Measurements should also be in metrics

4. ?: Turnaround time in shipping is very helpful. In fact I married a delivery man.

5. ? Don’t assume to worst. The person who buys your product is not always out to get you if they have a problem with what you sold them.

6. ?: Do postage online. You can even print the custom slips and have it all ready to ship without going to the Post Office.  Also, I put a little post card from my area into the package. I live in Florida.

7. ?: Make it easy for the buyer to open package.


If you don’t mind me doing a little editorial here, but first I think it’s essential to give your seller name. It’s always nice to know that there is a clear name that I can look up on eBay to check them out. Some people are just too secretive, even when they go to a very public event like where Ebay had this podcast held.

Also, these tips are not that great, to me. But they are tips at least. It’s like an early brain storming session for improving the eBay experience you could say.

The eBay Radio podcast with Grif and Lea has been interesting when I listen to it. Unforunately, these people insist on breaking up the podcast into half hour segments and the listener is forced to listen to the podcasts in backwards order from when it was recorded. I don’t know if eBay is making a mistake and don’t care that they are doing it, or genuinely aren’t aware of their bumbling of their podcast presence. They seriously should consider having the whole show run its entire length for the podcast. That is how everybody else is doing it. Even the Seattle City Council has enough sense to just let the 2 hour podcasts run in one large file without breaking it up.

The Seattle City podcasts are big files that take a long time to listen to. Joe Rogan also uploads some big files too, but not as bad as as Seattle.

Maybe, eBay was early to the scene in pod-casting and used to have to break up their shows, I don’t know. But it’s no longer that necessary to do now. Maybe they should take a lesson from Hardcore History Dan Carlin who will upload a 7 hour story at a time.

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