Tech News Today June 27 Notes; Amazon 3d phone, Google Glass Conference, satellite 11, Skybox, Dropbox, Nuance

Amazon partnered with ATT in selling their new 3d phone. People speculate that maybe the 3d cameras can help improve the shopping experience on Amazon. The products may look a little better with the enhanced camera system.

Amazon will use the Smartphone cameras to look at your face.

HTC Evo sold a 3d camera but it wasn’t very successful.

Perhaps Amazon can optimize their phone for show rooming products. With the Hi-Res Kindle Fires available as well, Amazon can further enhance the shopping experience together with the newer technology.

There is also a focus on software for children through Amazon to intrigue their curiosities as well.

Google Glass I/O developer conference is coming up June 25.
Google Glass at work project is designed to support developers and partner up. APX Labs is working on Google Glass software, for example.

Google Glass is getting frames.

There are 5 ISP partners.

One practical example for using Google Glass is replacing blueprints. A Construction worker can look at the designs on his glass through hand gestures or movements and may have an easier time getting the information he needs for his project.

Many people are still mocking Google Glass, like Jon Stewart.

Android Wear

Google Satellite

Android at Home was a failed Google project among many others. Google will recognize what works and what doesn’t and scraps projects that don’t work.

The government lifts restrictions on satellite imaging on any objects. Before things were only allowed to be seen clearly down to 20 inches. But now private groups will be allowed to observe objects clearly down to 11 inches. This would make mailboxes more clearly visible.

Google bought Skybox for $500 million.

In a lot of cases, it’s the bad guys who figure out how to use the tech first, then the good guys come a long later.

Privacy is a myth.

2 purchases today:
Box acquires Stream.
Dropbox buys Parastructures: Data analysis structure
EFolder: anchor IT channel

They want to be leaders and knock competitors out early. These companies clearly want to own their respective markets.

Dropbox is worth $10 billion.
Box revenues $120 million but lost $170.

A lot of major land grabs are occurring in the tech world.

Nuance communication is saying that Samsung is interested in purchasing them. They are a leading voice software company. They could be shopping themselves around. They are using publicity to possibly raise their sell price.


Developer Channel Initiative
United Kingdom says that spying is ok because of the location of the server. Since the servers are located in the US, its ok for the UK to spy on its own citizens.

In cases coming up, it’s usually the government that wants access, but IT doesn’t.

Lawsuits are being generated by privacy advocates from Edward Snowden revelation.

April 4 faulty gesture feature on smoke alarm. The alarm was turned off by waving hands and flailing before. But that was considered too unsafe. The feature is gone and the price was lowered to $99.



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