Tech News Today June 16; Microsoft Patents; Grow America Act; Starbucks; Dominos Hacked

Microsoft claims that Android stole patents worth $1 billion worth. There have been at least 127 patents infringed upon. Microsoft uses a business strategy of not saying which patents are being infringed upon until a lawsuit is presented against. Most businesses just pay the license fee that Microsoft demands. Motorola tends to resists license fees and chooses to go to court against Microsoft instead.

Microsoft has never sued Google, but is certainly going after hardware manufacturers that support the Android platform. Google can offer some support to its developers but it’s fairly limited. Google will share patents with other companies, such as HTC.

The types of patents that are being infringed upon have to do with discoveries that come out of research labs, Nortell (which broke apart after bankruptcy), network marketing, video search, xfile arrangement, exchange active sync.

China wants all the patents to be disclosed. As China makes this argument, Microsoft turns their words around on them and says that China acknowledges that they are violating patent laws. Some legal fights may not be worth the time.

The Federal government wants to control your apps. The Department of Transportation wants to disable the apps that could raise risk for drivers on the road. Using some apps and maps are not safe. For example, a particular map could show a road that is not there which causes an accident for the driver following their GPS.

Starbucks will subsidize college educations for its employees. They will get 2 years of online courses for free which is valued at $10k per semester. This program will be run through Arizona State. It’s called the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

Dominos was hacked and the hackers demanded 30k euros in exchange for not doing anything with account information of 600,000 people -mostly French20140616-213207-77527605.jpg


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