Glue Beads on Your Keyboard to Make it a Gaming Machine and More Fun

Are you bored with the same-looking flat keyboard. All the buttons feel the same and don’t offer the experience you really crave. Why not try something different. Put various feels on your keyboard instead and turn it into a unique experience that will have your friends very jealous of you.

To be able to slide your fingers across a bumpy keyboard can really help you find your finger placement easier. All the keyboards ever had in the past (which is standard) are the 2 little dashes on the F and J keys. You hardly ever notice they are there. They are also very boring and no one pays attention to them. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to really add an amazing landscape to your keyboard instead?

I use different size bumps on my keyboard to give a unique feel to my typing experience. There are various different sized beads on a few keys. In all I believe I glued about 10 rhinestones down. I covered the odd numbers for the numbers row. Then I covered an arrow key. I also covered the basic movement keys, like the W, A, and D.

I didn’t want to cover too much, because I didn’t want to have any issues with forgetting the buttons. I never memorized the QWERTY keyboard buttons and I type a lot by looking at the buttons. I’m a slow typer. You don’t need too many extra bumps on your keyboard, although it could make for a lot of fun. Ideally, I would love to see an entire keyboard covered with various sized bumps. The bumps would most likely have to support gaming though. Doing something unique for the movement keys would be essential.

I could imagine every key having its own unique bump. If it was manufactured properly, you could even have the letters, numbers and symbols still properly painted on it. What I did with the rhinestones took away from my ability to see the letters and numbers. Because I didn’t put many bumps, I generally know what letters are underneath. But, what if I wanted to add more bumps? Then I would want to start thinking about painting the letters back on.

Ofcourse you don’t want a bump on every key. Even going every other one may be overkill, but, still it could be fun. You just want to place bumps where you can improve finding the key you need to strike without looking at your hand. For example, my keyboard could use an improvement. I thinking one important key that could use a bump is the ESC key, but I didn’t put anything on it. Perhaps, later I might play with the idea further. I need my living conditons to become more stable for that to happen first.

Let me also add that a couple years of using this keyboard has not hurt my fingers. I don’t know if that is a concern for anyone, but my fingers still feel the same, like after using a regular computer.



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