City Councils Over-Inflate Their Roles in Marijuana Business; High Fees and Crazy Ordinances are Coming.

The city of Raymond and South Bend city councils perceive that their costs to
monitor the Marijuana Community Gardens will be very high. They drafted another
ordinance ; #1827; which will deal with Medical Marijuana. At first, they talked
about charging for a Community Garden at $100. Then it was raised to $500 per year.

Mind you, most general Community Gardens for a little plot of 7 feet by 10 feet
normally cost $25. Now the City Council finds that the costs of growing plants in a
garden should cost $500. Do you think it’s worth the price of $500 per year to grow
a tomato in a Community Garden? Granted, this is marijuana, but how is it so
expensive for a weed all of a sudden?

How does the City Council justify their reasoning for this inflated fee? It’s like
they are setting people up to get fined into prison more than send them directly to
prison for marijuana possession. Economically, it makes sense to charge more fines
and fees to a person until they become unable to pay. Then when they become unable
to pay the fines in a timely manner, you put out a Bench Warrant to have them
arrested and put in jail until they can pay. Justice is served.

There was a similar system in place even as far back, called, “Debtors Prison”. For
those who are unable to pay their debts, they become prisoners. The logic may be
that if you remove the financially irresponsible people from the streets, they will
not be able to rack up further debts. This was also a time when thieves were
murdered in the interest of justice. Property was worth more than human life.

Just as thieves are seen as scum, the pot growers are not perceived much higher in
the class system. Because of this perception, people who get into the marijuana
trade receive a lot of awful treatment. The most recent report is that the federal
irrigation water is not allowed to be used in marijuana grow operations. No Federal
resources are allowed in the use of weed production.

The Federal government has made it clear they won’t allow weed to cross the border
legally, nor fly in planes either. For a while, the banks couldn’t allow
transactions that involved marijuana transactions. But now the Feds have loosened
up their grip on the banking industry and said that it will be allowed to take in
business operations that deal with weed as their prime source of income.

The future for legalized weed is looking bleak. Instead of it’s regulation falling
on the Federal Government, it now comes down to the state and the cities to decide
how to regulate it all. These smaller local governments will take even more extreme
actions against violators of their ordinances that are looking to bring future
Supreme Court cases.

Since the Federal Government says they will not pursue marijuana violations, when
the cities hand out citations against citizens, they can turn to the Supreme Court
for guidance. Many of the cities are operating under a lot of confusion over the
issues for marijuana. Many have tried to ignore it all together and ban it from
their jurisdiction outright. The easy solution is similar not allow anyone to grow
it in the city. Let the citizens vote on whether they want further discussion on
the matter. Not every city is in support of growing weed as a business in their

You don’t see as much volatility in the marijuana debates as you do gay marriage.
But there certainly is a lot of noticeable back and forth arguing. Of course the
cities don’t have to decide on ordinances for gay marriage. The ordinances are
generally established on anything that involves property. People are not supposed
to be considered property.



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