I Solve my Gluten Problems by Eating More Wheat and Grains

As I sit here suffering from intestine distress I think about what I have been doing to avoid this very problem. For the past couple of weeks I have been consuming a very different diet. Ever since I came to Raymond, WA my choices for healthy foods has been extremely limited. Most of the food choices at Everybody’s Food Market are awful.

All of their bread has the bran removed. Every dehydrated food is full of extracts from chemicals I have never seen before. I certainly don’t enjoy eating them. Sometimes my heart feels like it wants to leap out of my chest after eating it.

My digestive problems are mounting. I think I feel hemorrhoid a making a come back as well. I have been straining alot on the toilet here. My energy is also down a little bit, mostly because I feel like I’m carrying a rock in the pit of my gut. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a few ulcers down there. It feels awful.

Everybody’s has this famous Bigfoot bread that is ultra bleached and stripped of all bran. They also added hydrogenated soybeans to make sure it is as gummy as possible. I have eaten 2 Bigfoots so far since I have been here and regretted doing it. They are a large part of my constipation problems.

But not only is the Bigfoot a problem, I just can’t find any bran in the store to save my life. It’s like they are taking a complete reversal on the health movements and encouraging people to pack their guts tight with glue. I can’t stand it. My digestive problems have never been so bad before.

The last place I was eating good with no digestive issues was in Aberdeen. They have a natural bulk food store called the Marketplace that I shopped at for bran. It was great. My gut felt great from that food. But in Raymond, its a reversal of good health. I can’t find anything to offer any relief. I didn’t bring enough food from Aberdeen to sustain me.

My car has become illegal and I’m waiting on the title from Wisconsin before I can buy new license plates for my car. Once I can get new tags, then I can travel to another city and try to stock up on better foods, like wheat bran and oat bran.

I generally don’t have any problems with wheat. It’s more about the lack of a complete wheat in my diet. The food manufacturers just love to move the bran and germ. Bakers used to commonly request the bran be removed, but now we are finding out that was a bad call on their part.20140616-094106-34866294.jpg




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