I Always Get Harassed by the Night Cops While Sleeping in my Car

They just love to rap on my window between 12 midnight and 4am to wake me up and tell me to keep moving. I have never had a problem getting approached by a cop during the day time. It’s like they prey on the car sleepers and enjoy stressing them out only at night.

I don’t understand how my activity in my car at night somehow makes me such a target. I spend many hours in my car during the day too but does anyone want to give me a hard time about that? No. It’s the night time when cops want to go on the offensive.

What if I were to change my sleeping habits between sleeping during the day and staying up all night instead? The cops at night will have nothing to say to me then while I’m up walking. It’s like they are mad at everybody who gets to sleep at night, but them. They take their revenge out on the homeless people who sleep outside.

Some city councils can be very unreasonable about ordinances. How can they get away with making it illegal to be asleep in your car? Its unconstitutional and violates my rights for the pursuit of happiness to have cops disrupt my peace about sleeping.

I am more scared of cops than criminals in the city. I don’t have to be fearful of criminals because I don’t paint a target on my back for them. They see I have little to offer if they wanted to rob me. On the other hand, the cop sees me as someone who has little to contribute to society and am the scum of the earth. I deserve to be harassed by them because maybe their harassment will inspire me to make something of myself.

I don’t know how to properly walk the fine line between attracting cops or criminals. Criminals are supposed to be a little crazier than cops, from what I understand, but I have met crazy cops too.

For example, after a fight occurred not far from where I lived, one time, I had a cop start accusing me of being party to this fight. He had no evidence and just started yelling about how I hung out with the accused guilty person before the fight. It turns out the assailants were my neighbors, but I never hung out with them. The accusations were unfounded.

I don’t need people of authority overstepping my lack of knowledge of their laws. When I want to question the law they are citing they want to start accusing me of disrupting justice.

The people who commit crimes tend to be awake while doing it. I have never heard of a crime committed in ones sleep. To harass outside sleepers is something that goes far beyond serving justice. Its discrimination and goes against our constructional rights. This country is turning into a police state city by city.

Many people want to blame the Feds for writing unfair laws. But look at your own local City Councils. They make some of the most bizarre ordinances and laws that not even the Federal government will touch. They know they are safe from lawsuits against the poor people too. What do I have to defend myself with? I don’t have the money or resources to fight. All I can do is keep on running away from cop harassment as best I can.



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