The Difference Between Virtual Travel and Real Travel is in the Nose

You just can’t make up for the scents and smells that you find in real traveling. There are many different factors that come into play with changing essence as you pass through neighborhoods or landscapes.

The problem with virtual sandboxes is that we smell the same scents no matter where we are. If you in a cave, it smells like your room. If you are in a large body of water, you still smell your room. Even if you pass through some kind of desert or jungle landscape, you still smell your room.

You can’t imagine what the scent will be like either. There is no standard odor for a particular scene. Every part of the area is different and unique. Also, throughout the year even, bouquet will change too. So, you really do smell something different in real like all the time.

How warped do our brains get when we travel in the virtual worlds all day and smell the same thing the whole time. If we are going to battle monsters, we should smell the fear and anguish of our enemies. The video game players are very detached from these small details and it lends itself to psychological disorders.

Instead of the parent saying, “go outside and play” they should say, “go outside and smell something different”. Perhaps the lack of scent variety could be contributing to weight gain as well, who knows? Either way, forcing yourself to smell the same thing while consuming different content will cause people to enter into a trance that can be damaging to their health.

What if the house is sick? By coupling yourself inside your sick house to play virtual world games, you risk breathing problems. Do you know where the cleanest places to breathe air is? It’s generally near oceans, waterfalls, or after a lightning storm. There are small molecules in the air called negative charged ions that are good to breathe in. They make you healthier and feel better. They get charged through electrical actions on the earth. They do not generate inside a stuffy house.

Did you know that a baby emits a particular scent from the top of its head? Scientists discovered this is a way to get people to want to hold the babies and care for them. Here is a video that contains the baby reference, plus other facts:

So, consider the importance of real travel to areas. Remember that the countrysides tend to be a lot healthier to breathe in, especially if you don’t have access to the ocean.

Here is a video I made where I complained about Port Hadlock, WA:

Here is another video with me in Rice Lake, WI talking about the scents:

I hope you can see the difference in scents. Our nose may not be as strong as a dogs or any other kind of animal, but surely we can tell the difference between what is pleasurable and what is not.

Some people will override their reaction to bad smells and feel a sense of pleasure from them. For example, if a garbage man makes good money working with filth and decay, he may think positive thoughts with all the bad smells. He seeks out those nasty odors, because that is what gives him money.

So, it can be hard for some addicts to leave particular damaging areas because they got too comfortable with the smell. Perhaps if you wanted to change someone’s perspective on things, changing the smell can help. I believe a popular trick that Real Estate agents use is to place a drop of vanilla or cinnamon in a house that’s for sale. Perhaps they focus it in the kitchen to help people associate cooking in the kitchen.

In turn, you could put lavender in the bedroom, which always smells nice.



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