Did Rewardables Inflate OpenTable Numbers For Priceline Purchase?

I made $2 just by downloading Opentable and reserving a table anywhere. It didn’t matter. After I reserved a table at a Chinese restaurant, I never showed up. Then I simply filled out the questionnaire with Rewardables after that to claim my large cash prize.

I have to wonder how long Opentable has been paying $2 for new sign ups. I also have to wonder if they always were offering $2 to new people. Because, as small as Opentable is, they offer the largest sum of money on Rewardables for new sign ups. What if Opentable knew they were about to get offers, but wanted a larger offering. By inflating their numbers, they could achieve that. It’s just a good business strategy.

Paying me $2 to sign up with them could translate into something that is a larger profit for them. Guess who is really paying the bill? -Priceline.

Many people think that the $2.6 billion that Priceline paid for Opentable is a little steep. From my perspective as a homeless, jobless, and penniless man I also have to agree. $2.6 is a lot of money. I just have to wonder how much Opentable has been using Rewardables. Did they inflate their numbers with people like me? Its hard to tell. Their business secrets will most likely stay secret.




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