Tech news today June 12; Amazon Prime Music; 3d phone; Uber protest; Facebook ad; wireless power charging; Starbucks

Amazon launched Amazon prime music for prime users only, no extra cost. Is this a way to add extra users? Its a part of prime service. Just an additional piece of prime with the books and other stuff.

Amazon 3d phone later this month. Streaming mobile music service. These will give them an impact on the mobile market. This is a stand alone app. They want to make it as easy to use as possible. Amazon will not have as many choices in their library as Spotify. Amazon video is not as good as Netflix.

The music service is not for the audio files.

not everyone happy with Uber service. Are the protests bringing Uber a boost? 850% jump in the sign ups of the new users from protests. What are the cabbies in Europe so angry about? Uber will have private cars available. Or cabs. Or black cabs that can pick people off the street. Black cab doesn’t need the regulation to become taxi drivers.

What’s the different between London and us. In the US, its a service. Your on your own. In London, where protests happen. License requirements are high. Germany drives fancy Mercedes. Average time for cab license in London is 4 years.

If you are an uber driver, you don’t have to pass license require. Uber has two lawsuits against them in Massachusetts and other. Its creative destruction. Taxi driving is lifelong trade.

Uber is bragging about the attention from the protests. The taxi drivers are protesting the agencies that set up rules. Is the smart phone a meter? Don’t you really need a meter in the vehicle? The taxi drivers will lose those cozy positions from an innovative structure.

Tech is filling in gaps for laws that were create 20 years ago. London cabbies are a cozy little guild. Taxis are heavily regulated to protect a tourist. A smart phone helps find locations now. A lot of taxi drivers didn’t know where to go and needed to be regulated. Uber is not the devil, but not earth shattering.

Facebook making a big changed to ad service. Let users tell them they don’t like the ads they see. Little tab on side of ad I click. You edit your profile by clicking out of ads. Browsing history will be a part of data that advertisers get.

When you buy something then for the next month you see ads for the items you bought. Its funny.

Facebook wants to modify their advertising. Will this backfire?
Comcast turned 50,000 of network into wifi hotspots. Customers are auto opt into the network. Your wifi will be used as hotspot, but it won’t affect your speed. You get more speed than what you pay for.

If I wanted to get on to a free wifi hotspot, I could get on the public hotspot. Houston. Switch has been flipped on Tues. Why pay for Internet when your neighbor has free hotspot.
Starbucks rolling out 7500 stores phone wireless power charging areas in their stores. Your phone will always be charging. Caffeine and phone charging. Wireless charging innovation. Tests in Boston, San Francisco,

Coffee cup with sensors and how hot, sip, empty. Folks may stay in Starbucks for too long. Average person to charge for 15 minutes. Starbucks camping. Digital nomads love Starbucks.

Starbucks as a townhall. Turned into a study hall.

Privacy. Win for civil liberties. Police must obtain search warrant to get data. Tie breaker for Supreme Court. You need probable cause.
Feedly is still down from DDOS attack.
Tweetdeck went offline. Austrian teenager discovered vulnerable so tweetdeck was taken down in response.



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