Tech news today June 11 notes; DDOS; Evernote; Feedly; Amazon Marketplace; Tweetdeck; Swiftkey; DOOm.

2 popular cloud services have been hit with Denial of Service problems otherwise known as DDOS attacks. They are Evernote and Feedly. Evernote was attacked on Tuesday. They have 100 million users. There has been no compromise of user theft from Evernote, which has a stronger security system in place.

Feedly has a ransomware with their DDOS attack. This is a crime because they are being blackmailed to be released from attack. Many users switched to Feedly after Google Reader ended its service. Feedly is a little more vulnerable to attacks than Evernote. They are in contact with the law enforcement.


Amazon is launching a marketplace feature for local services, such as babysitting or lawn mowing, for example. Who is Amazon competing with? There is Yelp, Thumbtack, Mytime, Angie’s List, Taskrabbit, Gigwalk, Rewardables, CityQuest, Gigbucks and many more coming up.

Just like The Amazon Rush service, they are approaching the market slowly and cautiously. Every market has a different set of price sales and unique complications.

Amazon already has a local service where if you ordered a flat screen through the website, you have the option to have someone come out and install it. This is called enhanced installation. How big is this Internet service market that Smazon is getting into? Its hard to say, but lowball guesses are at $250 billion.
Twitter took Tweetdeck offline because of DDOS attacks
Smart phones as low as $25. They will run Firefox OS for web apps. Your website would be your web app. Mozilla is working towards 108 megabytes of RAM which is best for very low end hardware. They hope to reach a market that is underneath Android and iOS.

Handset manufacturers from India and China are collaborating on making this price point possible. They don’t plan to sell phones at popular phone service offices, like in America. Instead, the cheap phones can be sold in drug stores and retail stores, possibly in bargain bin boxes.

IDC reports that the most popular kind of phone used in India is the feature phone. There is a big market for recycled phones.
Swiftkey app is going from $3.99 to free. They plan on making all of their money from in app purchases which will be for different cosmetic appearances of the keyboards. Most of iOS apps make their money from the in app purchases.

New keyboard skins are being opened up by Apple for 3rd party developers to work with.

New DOOM game coming out at end of year. They recently released a trailer to tease the fans.


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