Tech News Today June 10 Notes; Crowdstrike; Salesforce; eBay Now; Honeywell; IBM; Radio. Shack

Ice T Day

New hacker group that has ties to China has been reported by Crowd Strike. The new group is called Putter Panda, but the hackers don’t call themselves that. Crowd Strike puts a name on the hackers, and anything that comes from China has a Panda attached to it.

Panda went after military contractor in the US for trade secrets.

Generally, the Chinese hackers priority is military contractors for their engineering plans and designs. Then Pandas secondary focus is on economic secrets.

Panda will use Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office vulnerabilities. They use email and tailor software to specific email targets.

Crowd Strike reports the attack happened a few weeks ago. The US government responds by trying to use the information to leverage negotiations with Chine. However, China responds by closing their doors and blaming the US for penetrating their own nation.

The hackers source were identified as the 12 bureau of PLA. They work in China military and are soldiers. One of the hackers emails were identified and related because he used it for more than one account. Crowd Strike could then investigate the hackers social network and see pictures posted that showed affiliations with the military.


Salesforce is developing new wearable tech software to support hard wear that is being created. There is a developer pack for wearable tech available. They have different apps for each platform. This is all very experimental. They don’t know how white collar pros will use them.

Salesforce may be working with Gethub. They want to jump start the market for smart watches. People may not understand the usefulness of the wearable tech market, but it is predicted to have very strong growth in the future. Once you get a chance to feel how useful the wearable tech, you will understand.

How much of the tech can you really shrink down and still have it be useful? One potential use is for alerts to approve meetings on a Smart Watch.

Salesforce has been around for a while, and this new wearable tech software support will be a big change for them.

eBay Now service is shutting down do to unsatisfactory results. However, as eBay shuts down or slows their service, Google and Uber will be picking up their delivery businesses. What makes Google think they can be successful where eBay is struggling?


IBM revenue falls 8 months in a row. Is IBM overpaying its CEOs? There is a lot of speculation on it all goes back to the 1990s where the CEO was given large bonuses, which takes away from the business model. One CEO retired with a $241 million package. IBM may be in a decline. They lost a government service to Amazon.
Honeywell Lyric $279 will compete against Nest. Some of the features include: when you leave the house, it will sense that and go into energy saving mode. There is a lot of controversy over the units inability to properly function right now. Its in its early model stages. People are complaining about its performance.

Another interesting feature it used is Fine Tune, which looks at outdoor temp and adjusts inside to the outside with temperature and humidity.

Radio Shack is struggling to stay relevant. They reported another big loss. They have started a new service called Fix It Here, which will fix cracked screens on mobile devices. There may also be a possible return of Radio Shack products. Some people think that Radio Shack has lost its focus. They should be a place where people can go to fix things themselves using their products.

Radio Shack is simply becoming a reseller f popular devices.

Drones should have been sold at Radio Shack.

Some complaints about the store are:
– it’s outdated
-need to revamp merchandise
– employees are clueless. Need to be consultants.
-online business has failed.

Radio Shack has partnered with Quirky toy products. Also RS partnered with PCH to make some products.

Dinnertime App has just come out which will brick kids devices during meals. It is free in the App Store, but to use for a group, you pay $1.99. There is also a bed time mode. This can put a halt on kids texting and calling each other all night.



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