The History of Western Union Scams Go Back to the 1870s, Ever Since the Company Formed.

I was reading a book titled, “The Hunting of Cain”. One paragraph of the book described how Dean Milo could have gotten killed through Western Union. The company employed delivery people to knock on people’s doors. Then, when a person answered the door, the Western Union person could then assess their vulnerability. If the person was easy to kill or be robbed, it would be noted. There are plenty of criminals who would use Western Union as a front to letting the victims guard down.

Somebody in the criminal mystery suspected a Western Union worker, most likely because the company has had a history of abuse up into the 1980s. Western Union schemers have built up a wide range of tricks to fool people into giving up their money, whether through force or fast talking.

The Money Order business is paved with deceit. We can either acknowledge that people are scamming this system all the time or ignoring it.

Western Union Scam Fraud Walmart check Easy Job ripped off again

Western Union Scam, walmart. Got scammed 3rd time

Western Union Scammed again 4th time!

Western Union scam 5th time and Last Time Scammed




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