Water Plyometrics Exercise: Stable Surface vs Unstable Surface


Do you get bored easily of exercising on or with stable static objects? You are not the only one. Many people do. That explains why less than 10% of the population will sign up for gym memberships and regularly workout. The people who do sign up at a gym may attend for a couple weeks, then quit out of boredom and frustration. Can you blame them?

The equipment at the gyms generally offer few challenges in the interest for making a maximum profit. Learning an exercise movement is easy, The only new and different challenges that follow the learning curve are increasing the weight to make it harder.You have a muscle memory that knows what to expect in your workouts and your gains can quickly go stagnant.

People are smart to quit the gym early when they get bored of it. When you get bored, you then have a higher risk of injuring yourself. Boredom has a way of forcing our minds to try and be creative with something. Unfortunately, trying to be over-creative with some exercise movements lead to aggravating injuries.

I can’t say that Water Plyometrics is very safe either. So safety is a weak argument. But I stand by my conviction that if you are enthused and invigorated by the exercise, you have a smaller chance to get injured. I want to be able to maintain enthusiasm so that I feel more engaged in the exercise at all times.




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