How Are Steroids Created? It is Extracted From Sarsaparilla.

I was reading in the news that Autism is linked to steroids and that got me asking where steroids even come from. Apparently, steroids is just another extract like all other drugs. Whether the process is done in a laboratory or not, you can find the steroid phytochemicals within the plant. 

Why do they choose the sarsaparilla? It is probably the easiest plant to work with. Because there are hundreds of vegetable plants that also have measurable levels of hormone manipulating phytochemicals. 

Steroids are no different than any other drug. They are simply a drug that targets the hormone level testosterone and estrogen. The human body has many different kinds of hormones because the one for muscle. For example we have a hormone for sleeping, called melatonin. Doctors have extracted phytochemicals to manipulate that particular hormone as well. From my research, I found that cherries have a higher level of melatonin, however, this plant may not be as easy to farm for drugs as other plants.

So, in conclusion, steroids is another extract just like the rest of them:

HFCS = corn

heroin/morphine = poppy

nicotine = tobacco

caffeine = coffee, tea, guarana

aspirin = willow tree

meth = ephedra


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