Do You Need a Review? I will trash your competitor and praise your product for cash.

In the spirit of the reviewers influence, I want to make it clear that I want to help you. Gone are the days of click through scams to take the advertisers dollars in deviant ways. Now, we have the review process, where the right opinion or opinions can make or break a product or service.

Facebook is taking an effective lead in the reviewing process. This is because your friends do the reviewing and not some dark stranger from a dark part of the world. You want honest feedback that applies to you and not some jerk who always has something bad to say about everything.

I naturally praise what I like and scrutinize what I don’t like. My history shows that I am very fair in my appraisals. You won’t see negative after negative comments about multiple things. You also won’t always see positive comments from me either. I can’t like or hate everything.

Just tell me what you want reviewed and we can work a deal. I need to keep a good balance of positive and negative reviews in my profile otherwise what I say will not look very genuine.

Do you understand what I mean? There are people out there who praise everything. They may praise 100 things on Amazon. This will look suspicious to anyone. You don’t want to come off as some weirdo who can’t stop liking everything. That is what bothers me about Facebook, is that I can’t thumbs down anything. There really is no true way to express disapproval on there.

But I suppose if people got enough thumbs down on Facebook, they may stop using the website. The developers are scared of hurting the users feelings. Even the new Whisper app only allows thumbs up. Its a little annoying to not be able to shame someone for saying something offensive. How will they ever learn they said something wrong? It results in a personal attack when a response is written out. I think multiple down votes can get the message across just as good, if not better.

I put the star vote system on top of my blogs because I want people to give me a low rating if they really don’t like what I said. I appreciate the feedback. It is helpful.

Let me know if we can work a deal.



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