Tech News Today June 5, 2014; Robots in November, Twitter may buy Soundcloud

There is a gender gap in technology and women are responding to it. A popular tech black tie event that is coming up will be protested against due to its scantily clad women who will be on display for the attendees. A group who supports an organization, called “Obama for Americans” put out a statement saying they are dropping their sponsorship for the black tie event, in support of the women.

Too much sexism is being forgiven in the tech world. For example, a popular tv show called, ” Silicon Valley” glamorizes sexism and has garnered a lot of fans who love the show.

One piece of technology that doesn’t exacerbate sexism is the new robot by SoftBank that will be available for sale by November of this year. Its name is Pepper and it will learn its human masters speech, facial expressions and mannerisms to better support them. There is speculation that the robots will be best used for education, with its lower price tag of $1k. But many people intend to use the robot for home health care instead.

The robot stands 4 ft tall. There are YouTube videos of Pepper in action. You can see many hand sensors working in synchronization with each other to perform elegant tasks seamlessly. Even though the robot is promoted in Japan, it is a French company which made it. The robot was based on the models of professional mimes.

If you need to contact a loved one through the robot, you can use one of the 4 phone service plan available currently. However, this is a notification that those 4 carriers are to be reduced to 3 in a few months when Sprint and T-Mobile effectively merge together into one company. It is rumored that TMboile is struggling to meet its business objectives and needs to take evasive actions to avoid debt.

SoftBank owns Sprint and T-Mobile is owned by a Duetch company. They are both looking forward to the new product unveiling by Amazon, with its new Smartphone. In a video, Amazon showed a small portion of the future product as well as test subjects reactions to the product. Many people reacted quite favorably enough to make the commercial very encouraging.

This new smartphone has a 4.7 inch display, plus a 3d hologram that encompasses 4 cameras. The design was built in spite of the demands of consumers for high quality screens and faster processors. Amazon will consider lowering the cost of Prime to help encourage consumers to buy their new phone, according to Boy Genius.

One app that will look different on the phone will be Twitter. This company cannot maintain its 140 character model design and make an effective profit going into the future. So, they are in talks with buying other powerful companies, like Soundcloud. This can benefit both companies, particularly Soundcloud, since they do not meet the full demands of their audiences yet.

Beats Music is in competition with Soundcloud, but not directly. If Soundcloud can make a positive move to make themselves more sophisticated, they can outperform Beats Music. Also, with Myspace having led the musical movement in the beginning, the future Soundcloud model may turn Myspace into a historical anamoly.

While you are listening to your Soundcloud Indie songs on Google Glass, you can look forward to going hands free. New commands are being coded where Glass responds to eye movement towards the monitor. Much of the functionality and design will be led by Diane Von Furstinberg. She is a popular designer.

As you enjoy hands free music on your Glass, you also look forward to more competitive book selling business models. Stephen Colbert has challenged Amazon to a book selling war. They are in dispute over pricing and availability changes that has inspired Colbert to rally the Nation against buying anything from Amazon.

Also China hates Windows 8 and built another a Great Wall against technology. They are lucky that the Mongol threat is still being tamed by their original Great Wall.



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