InstantRewards is an InstantRipoff; They need more Header to Process Request

Never in my 20 years of playing on the internet have I ever had to give someone a header. Then, upon finding and submitting the header, I was told that Yahoo doesn’t give enough Header:

bandicam 2014-06-07 15-09-50-097

A Hustler went through the process of creating an account on TaskRabbit. They signed the oath not to be a scammer. They even took the TaskRabbit test and for what? They end up promoting a scam website. Here is the vague job description that I responded to:

bandicam 2014-06-07 15-19-54-664

As you can see they weren’t brave enough to post their picture. They don’t want to be identified in a police lineup. I’m sure they have committed other crimes and don’t want too many witnesses for their lifestyle.

Look out for this company, they are no good and will do everything they can to push you past the trial membership so they can collect your money. They make it easy to enter the trial membership, and impossible to reach the 1.0 point. I could only reach 0.80 points. They started questioning my last 0.20 for eMusic that I signed up for. They said I’m not using proper protocol with the header to submit my claim. They are lying.

bandicam 2014-06-07 15-10-12-577

There are probably hundreds of companies similar to this one, so be aware of the similarities in business models.

Twitter: @acumagnet


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