A Letter to My Future Self a Year a from Now June 2014 to June 2015

Ok, I hope you have found some kind of work by now. Your savings are drained dry and you are living in your car. You are waiting for your title to arrive in the mail from Wisconsin so you can pay that $100 for Washington license plate. All I can think about is that the $100 will wipe out 30% of my current savings. It’s very stressful. I have to think about selling off the car and possibly buying some kind of a cart for my bicycle. It would be real cool if I had a cart to push around with all my stuff, that I can also sleep in from time to time.

I’m scared about traveling from one city to the next in a cart though, because many major streets and highways are awful. There have been plenty of Amish people who were wiped out by stupid drivers. That threat is seriously looming with the drivers of today. I wonder how much closer we come to the reality of driverless cars. I the safety would greatly improve if humans didn’t drive the cars. There are a lot of neat sensors that can serve and better safety response than human senses.

I will probably need new pants a year from now. These pants I have lasted over 10 years and are starting to fall apart beyond the point of repair. I’m confident my shoes will last another year. They seem to held up quite well.

Where will I be a year from now? I believe I will still be very dirt poor. I will hopefully be more aware of the food banks.

I hope to learn a lot more about the computer services that are emerging. The technology has me scrambling to learn as much as I can. There is so little I know about the tech world yet. But I have a long history with digital tech.

I don’t think any of my computers will be working a year from now. I think there is a good chance I will be without any computers in the future. I cannot afford any more. I have to think about eating.


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