7 Reasons Why you Can Say Goodbye to Your Wedding Planner, and say hello to SIri.

I was listening to an NPR podcast about the economy and they presented a nice story about marriage. I know, tying knots is always fun and exciting. This wedding story strikes me as peculiar and very deviant from the normal way that planning takes places.

The interactions were all initiated through computer software services from their dating to the wedding. They didn’t have to call anyone. The happy couple simply filled out their profiles and checklists to start the process seamlessly. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they managed to cut their costs in half with their choices as well.

1. First they met on Cupid.com. The bride said that she initiated the contact first and he responded. Traditionally, the male is supposed to approach a female because it takes more fortitude to show interest in a potential love mate. But with the tap of a screen, she can easily poke him and forget about it. The stress from the initial interaction is greatly reduced.

2. Ok, after dating for a few months, now we get into their wedding game plan which doesn’t even require them to leave the house. Firstly, they said a lot of hiring was done through Taskrabbit, from the cameraman to the cooks. Everybody was negotiated with and that deals were quickly struck after deciding on the people who sales pitch and profiles look the most qualified.

3. Food delivery was conducted by a website called instacart. I never heard of the website before so I will assume it is a good website to gathering good catering services.

4. How did they send out their wedding invitations you ask? They used a website called paperless post.com. They inputed all the emails of family they wanted and were able to email everyone. However, not everyone had an email or received an email though, particularly the old people. They may have needed to see something on paper for it to be official.

5. Next, they used theknot.com which, from what I understand is some kind of wedding Checklist. They made sure all the steps and timeliness was going along properly in a linear fashion. They said the brides mom, it turns out didn’t have a room checked out, which was discovered outside of theknot.com. My guess is that the website can’t cover everything for them.

6. Since everyone has a camera and were probably taking a lot of pictures, the marriage couple turned to a website called Pixobook.com. Apparently, this website will collect everyone’s wedding pics from various websites and software sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and so on. The pics will be compiled onto their website for hours of viewing pleasure.

7. One last website mentioned in the story was AirBnB, which is a hotel check in website. Sometimes people rent out spare bedrooms too. It’s all in the name of comfortable sleeping quarters at a discount price. However, AirBnB has received a lot of scrutiny for taking away hotel business.

There it is, all the websites wrapped up in one blog post. You won’t need to look any where else to learn how to conduct a wedding. Or, you may be asking how they got the church and preacher? I’m not sure, it might have been through Taskrabbit too, I might have missed that part.



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