Traveling is my Drug of Choice. Sandbox Gaming is my Second Favorite Drug.

Whenever I get really bored and desire to take on a different perspective, I prefer to see something interesting at somewhere other than where I am. Also, with the combination of exercise, an exploratory excursion can bring me a high that no drug can match. People want to fight to legalize weed? That is a cause for the lazy, try instead to fight for freedom to move about where you want to.

We have lost many property rights in this day and age. In fact, I feel like I am only limited to roads, trails, and parking lots as remnants of the freedoms we used to own. We seem to take up a lot of space for traveling, at least. There is certainly very limited time to relax on the road. Keeping on the move is nice, because it does satisfy my need to explore. But sometimes, I want to relax within my newly explored realm as well.

The No Camping laws have gotten much worse as the years gone by. Adults are treated like children with the curfews as well. How do you like watching one adult telling another adult that they violated their curfew and will need to see the judge? This system of rules has put a squeeze on the lower class and turned us into victims of the powers of the upper class.

Of course, every city that I visit has its own ordinances. I generally have to find out the hard way what the local ordinance is. When I have walked into the City Halls in the past to ask questions, they respond with scrutiny. For example, if I ask any local City Hall what their laws are on camping or curfew, they immediately start getting defensive like I took a shit on their lawn. They say they don’t like people sleeping outside.

Somehow, you magically turn into a wild animal if you choose not to sleep inside of a home dwelling. Who really cares though? They are just walls. Walls only separate us a little bit from the outside. They are not space stations contsined within their own environments. Although, many of the home environments suffer air stagnation issues and cause many people to become without knowing out.

In fact, I feel much better sleeping outside. I wake up with a more refreshed brain. When I did own a house, my brain always felt groggy in the morning and even during the day, depending how much time I spent in the house. The collection of dust was one of my biggest challenges. I would run a fan and filter and collect all kinds of nasty dust. I actually noticed easier breathing when I ran my dust collector.

Without the homes and appliances to constantly clean them, I rely on nature to clean the environment that I’m in. That is, unless I’m at the library. I still want to see a clean library. Although, if they could set up a nice shelter with just a roof, wifi, and electricity, I would be happy with the library. The closest library I seen to that standard has been in Ferndale, WA where I can access the Internet at a nearby picnic shelter.

I love looking at new and different things I never expected to see before. I started to realize how much I love exploring from playing the game, World of Warcraft. I tended to wander around looking at stuff. I never really joint any raid and I didn’t care about groups that much. I love the sandbox lifestyle in the video. But I love the sandbox aspect of the real world more.

Its too bad that our real world isn’t more like a sand box games. Are there curfews in GTA 5? No, and you can kill any cops that harrass you. Although, your wanted rating level goes up until you are killed yourself, which is a total gaming finisher.

Anyway thanks for reading.



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