Homeless Poo Solutions Compiled in a Video Series


I have been playing around with my presentation of idea over the past few months. Here are some that I developed and decided to share with the public. I can only hope that this information can be helpful and useful to someone out there:

Butt Wipe Solutions for The Modern Ghetto and Homeless Sanitary Lifestyles

Vlog: Fiber and Constipation. What do you do when you can’t go poo?

Where Does a Homeless Man Go Poop?

As you can see, I have spent a lot of time thinking about poo. You can say that it is a concept that is very close to my gut. Everyone experiences poo on average of about once per day. We want to quickly dispose of it and forget about it, but if we don’t spend enough time planning for its occasion, we can experience unpleasant circumstances. For example, when I travel to a new city, I want to look for places that I could poo late at night. Sometimes I had to resort to pooing in the woods, which isn’t always bad. That’s why I like to keep a little TP in my bag. I try to go as deep in the woods as I can.

It’s usually an awful experience downtown if you have to go poo and the majority of businesses don’t allow you to use their facilities. You would want to be a little more friendly to the ladies, since they need to use a toilet more often than a male. Women tend to shop more than males too. It doesn’t make sense to close off the poo facilities. The convenience of pooing at a business is half the reason I decide to shop there.



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