Tech News Today for June 3 2014 notes

World wide developers conference

Apple unveiled products: new OS 10 Yosemite. Docusign

How different is Yosemite? It is for the desk top and focuses on UI (user interface).

Is it getting closer to iOS? Apple wants the desktop to be different from touch pad.

Notification Center; drag and drop
Use of Mac as phone: iMessage alert. Hand off and echo phone calls on Mac. air Drop now works between desk top and mobile. Tracks application statement.

iOS 8 biggest feature: health kit, home kit, spotlight search launch apps without going to apps. Easy Hotspot: no wifi network needed.
3rd party keyboard changing: Apple never let people make separate exposure. Video gets time lapse change shadows, highlights. Search in photos

“hey Siri”

Swift programming language. Objective C dates back to early 80s.
Swift takes C and python. New developer tools.
Compiled same byte code.
Apple supports it. Swift runs faster than C.
Will swift be more standardized? Could see improvements. Benchmarks are reached faster on Swift.

Does Swift open up to novices? It’s easier to test, you can see it work as you

You pick up a very new program language. Apple kept it secret for a long time

Health kit. Home kit. Bundling and packaging. Apple wants to take over market.

Apple hires a lot of professionals.

Do everything with smart phone apps.

Home automation. How many apps can you handle?

Apple consume risked things.

Apple support virtual currencies. These seem uncharacteristic moves. Apple seems a little more open, unlike in the past where they surprise you with something totally new.
Not a good time to be a European worker. Robots will probably eliminate jobs. $3.8 billion going for research on robots.


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