7 Signs that the Trial Period is a Scam: Brought to you by InstantRewards


7 Signs that the Trial Period is a Scam

1. Offer trial period with credit card in reserve.
2. some demand you maintain the trial period for a minimum time.
-for example: credit check requires that you stay on 5 of the 7 days.
3. They charge a large fee if you stay subscribed.
-For example: Free grants says that you get charged $45 for their service
4. They get blocked by the library security firewall
5. They aren’t clear how exactly you unsubscribe. I had to email and ask.
6. The kind of people who promote the website on Youtube seem like thugs.

A little obscure ad appeared on Taskrabbit about helping someone complete promotions. Nothing more was explained. I jumped at the offer and agreed to the $5 an hour on pay. Then I emailed for more detail where I was furnished with the Instantrewards.net website.

Upon looking at the site, I was reminded of how much it looked like the same kind of sites 5 years or more ago. Although, it does seem this current site is a little more polished without the survey websites that caused me to get buried in SPAM and lost in the confusion. This website is more direct with selling subscriptions and offering free trials.

I told the employer that his website looks like a scam, but if he could guide me, I will see what I can do about signing up. There are over 150 choices, many with very similar offerings. He suggested I do a credit report. I checked the first credit report, tried to sign up, and was told that their quota was filled up for the day and to try another day.

So I scrolled down further. Then I signed up for another credit check website. I gave them my credit card numbers and personal information. After I signed up, they showed me that my credit report looks good. I have no debt. But I have no income either. I’m surprised, as a homeless and jobless man, that my credit score looks so good.

At this point, I feel nervous about them holding on to my credit card numbers. I don’t trust them all that much. Because of this, I went to my bank and pulled all my money out. If the hustlers try to pull any money from me, they will get nothing.

I feel that InstantRewards is more like a game than legitimate business. they encourage hustlers to sign up naive people, like myself for subscriptions that are way overpriced. Then, they hope the person lapses in their memory and forgets they signed up through the Free Trial. If someone forgets or really wanted to subscribe, the high subscription fee begins and the hustler makes a little money.

Now that I think of it, the hustler said for me to wait to make sure everything clears with my subscription. His superviser has to inspect the sign up to make sure it’s legitimate. He said he wouldn’t pay anything if i stopped my subscription too early.

So, that is the subscription game. It has been going on for years. They encourage each other by presenting deposits that they get in their Paypal accounts. I see they have 2 Facebook groups which are easy to join. But the Facebook groups have very strict rules against saying its a scam.

The real profits go to the ones who run the websites. The hustlers only make a fraction of the amount. But the hustlers are still sold on dreams of potential to make money from the scam.

This is another business model where most of the profits come from signing up new people who lapse on getting out of the free trial period before the charges begin. It is unique, but still a scam.

A similar comparable trade organization and scam corporation is Herbalife. They make most of their money through signing up new members. The products are secondary to the business. Although, many people do make claims that they feel better after using the products. The products may feel like they work, but that is because of extracts added that appeal to the customers pleasure centers. Many of their products will have an energy booster and pain killer. Those types of extracts are standard for many health supplements.

Be careful of these kinds of scams. They are very exciting to get into, but can be more costly than you realize. The hustlers are attracted to this kind of game because they think they can outwit the system. It is set up to give you that feeling. The game sets you up to fail. I think the biggest challenge is getting out of the free trial in enough time.

They ask you to use 75% to 90% of the Free Trial before getting out. For each day you spend in the Free trial period, the chances of you getting out before the charges begin will lower. So, out of a 7 day trial, they ask you to stay in the free trial for 6 days and then get out if you want to.

It makes me think of the stock market, where you wonder when the perfect time to get out is after the stock goes up. Although with this hustling game, it’s a little more clear.








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