I Regret Wasting my Precious Time on Learning Spanish

I have felt a lot of shame and disappointment by committing to learning this language for a long time. Luckily, I have forgotten many of the words by simply not practicing the language. But I would rather not know any of their language at all. Why do I hate Spanish?

For one reason, the Mexicans are awful people in general. Very rarely do I meet ones I like. I don’t want to bother trying to sift among the losers to find winners either because they are too rare and isolated to begin with. Besides that, my chances encountering successful Spanish people is low because I’m a jobless, penniless homeless guy any ways. The Spanish recognize a class difference quite keenly, just like they recognize the sex difference.

If you know about these romantic languages, you will understand that they associate a sex to every object on earth. They are compelled to think of everything as either being male or female through their language. With that association comes sex discrimination. What sex inequality is to the English is simply normal to the Spanish.

I’m happy that I don’t understand enough Spanish to know what is being said in conversation. For example, when I’m at the library and trying to concentrate on something, its nice not to understand what others are saying. All I hear are weird sounds come out of the Mexicans mouths and that helps me tune them out. With English talking at the library, I understand them and that can be distracting.

Most of the Mexicans who speak Spanish seem rather dumb. I feel their level of humor and attention are below me. When having another fiesta after a siesta is what keeps them happy, I would rather be enjoying a book or trying to learn about something interesting. I don’t want to take part in a family gathering and make simple remarks about silly things all day. They have their culture and I have mine.

If I could go back, and start all over trying to learn another language, it would be German. I mean, my genetics are perfectly aligned with this language. Part of my family is traced back to Germany. None of my family had anything to do with Spain or Mexico. I can’t relate to them, yet I tried to. I failed the Spanish language as much as it failed me.

I get curious about a lot of things. When I was younger, I wanted to learn everything. Now that I’m older and feel that I know more about myself, I want to enhance what I know even further. I would stand out very keenly in Mexico or Spain if I could speak and read the language fluently. I would be like a fish out of water in their own countries. But in a more relevant country, like Germany, I can fit right in.

Ok, maybe I’m being a little harsh about the Spanish speakers. I do respect their language. To have a wide diversity of languages can help expand our minds. I tried to expand my mind and learned that it only widens so much. If. I’m not going to be practicing Spanish on a daily level, then I shouldn’t spend another minute trying to learn it. I wasn’t even that passionate about learning the language in the first place. I don’t feel passion like other people do.

English is a nice language to have because it can be quite technical. Our culture may be bending it in ways that seem absurd, like trying to be sensitive to the race, color, sex, disabilities and religions of other people. But overall, the English language works alright. The universal business language is supposed to be English and millions of people felt the negotiation of languages to be fair.




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