15 Videos from 9Gag that I Uploaded. Every so Often Someone Makes Something Cool, but it’s hard to find.

I wanted to keep them short and maintain themes, so it’s easier to understand what to expect from these. Usually I get interested in something that I haven’t heard about or simply don’t know that much about (which is a lot).


1. Awesome artistry here that comes from the Dungeons and Dragons era. I grew up in the 1980s which was the period of time after the 1970s early days of fantasy art, yet before any significant pixellated art came to be. I was always more captivated by the cover of the video games because the actual game looked nothing like the art.

Godlike Creatures From 9Gag; With Youtube Music that ends at 3:30

2. There must be a ton more words that kids mistake. This video is a good start to those words though.

9Gag, Hilarious Words Commonly Mispronounced by Toddlers

3. I thought this one was funny, but it doesn’t attract much attention. Maybe you have to be in a different frame of mind to enjoy it.

9Gag Rage Comic: Funny Brain Battle with Uranus; Poop Becomes a Weapon o

4. I thought I would add a ton of random videos here:

My Favorite 9gag Memes that I Upvoted

5. A lot of people can seem to relate to home improvements or changes. You want to always be looking at changing your living conditions, because things can get boring.

9Gag: 34 Simple Things That Will Make Your Home Awesome

6. This guy was a jerk to Lingo, but I thought it was entertaining. Taunting a clown gets my attention.

9Gag: Lingo the Clown Advertises His Services on Craigslist; What Could Go W

7. I was surprised at the information here. they changed my opinion on a couple things.

9Gag: 35 Things You Probably Believe are True

8. Eye color is a popular one. Many people want to learn more about themselves and others.

9Gag: What Does Your Eye Color Say About You? Comments Included

9. I have a hard time telling many of the males from females here. They all have soft and attractive features.

9Gag: The Ladyboy Pageant of Thailand

10. I really didn’t know some of these things.

9Gag: Things You Didnt Know Before Watching This. Warning: There is Music A

11. Taking Kayne West down a peg feels satisfying to me.

9Gag: 12 Extremely Funny Kayne West Ego Trip Tweets; Plus Comments at bot

12. A lot of dog owners do research on breeding. Many happen upon this video.

9Gag: For the Past 100 Years, Dog Breeders Have Gone Too Far in Altering Show Quality Pets.

13. I used to carry an M-16 in the military. Soldiers like to compare weapons and many of us were interested in the AK-47s for their durability.

9Gag: Compare AK-47 to AR-15. Which is the better rifle for killing people?

14. These are amazing pics of things that look isolated from society.

9Gag: 33 Abandoned Places In The World That Look Marvelous

15. I see a lot of shut up and take my money memes with Fry from Futurama. A lot of these products really look like fun to play with.

9Gag: Shut Up and Take my Money


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