Job Apps Feel More Like World of Warcraft Questing; World of Workcraft

If you have ever played World of Warcraft, you will know what Questing feels like. There is a person you run to, then give you a story and details of what they need. Then you have the option to accept the quest or not. Many of the quests are easy to do, some are hard. The difficulty level of the quest determines how high the rewards are or not.

I have fallen into this same kind of action driven job hunting with my iPad now. I find myself tapping through several different apps to see if any new quests become available and determine whether I can complete them or not for money. It all reminds my of WoW.

World of Warcraft is an Open Sandbox game where we level up our skills and get better gear to fight. We can chat with friends, team up, and defeat large creatures in dungeons. Or we can be loners and do our own thing like travel around and mine or grind mobs for random loot.

The task apps are like the quest givers in WoW. Only, the people who post their tasks are real. They need real things to be done for them. Some jobs are recurring while others are a one time deal.

One of the biggest Quest Giver apps that I know of is TaskRabbit. Someone may put out the quest that they need you to mow their lawn. If you are in the local area, like say Portland, you can accept the quest and perform the action. Then you finish up the quest on the TaskRabbit app and receive your reward.

I don’t know a job system that has become more gamified than this one.

If you wanted to be imaginative and make comparisons further with WoW. Think of the Mage Portal system to Lyft or UberX. I used the charge people to port them to other cities as a Mage. I created a Mage in game just to port people! because I always thought that was fun and cool. People who drive other people from one place to another is similar. Although no one walks through a magical portal IRL.

The Quest Apps are here to stay and are currently growing. I just signed up for another Beta app called “CityQuest”. It looks pretty cool. It can only get bigger as more people become more comfortable with it. But if you are already comfortable with questing in World of Warcraft, then this can make for an easy transistion.



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