Washington Wildcrafting of Wild Edibles; Berries are Ripening.

I can’t help but notice more wild edible foods that are recognizable to eat. Many similar plants are shared between Washington and Wisconsin. Although, on the other hand, there are many different ones as well. For example, the raspberries are pretty universal across the north. The big difference is in the size and color.

I notice that Washington has larger raspberries. They are more succulent than Wisconsin, especially along the marshes. I always thought it was unnatural to see such large berries, but they are growing a long the trails and roadways without any farmer help. If anything the berry brambles are more of a nuisance to locals.

I ate 2 clearly different kinds of raspberries here so far. One is a red color, and the other is a light orange. I thought the light orange berries were just unripened red ones, but I was wrong. They are just unique berries growing at the same time. Both taste different from each other too.

The light orange raspberry tastes like citrus. It tastes good. I almost feel like I’m eating an orange. I found some on the edge of a park. The raspberries love human activity. They grow best when we clip the other plants around them. Reducing competition for nutrients from other plants give a big boost for the berries.

I look forward to see more berries ripen in the coming weeks. They really pick up my energy in a unique way. They aren’t powerfully sweet, more sour then anything. They just have their own kind of phytochemical that is very pleasant to the body. I like it a lot.


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