Property Preservation Crews Steal and get Stolen From in this Cruel Business.

Feel free to read the complaint below from a contractor who works for a Property Preservation Crew. He claims that his bosses hold out on paying him any money which puts him at risk of going out of business. He claims that virtually all the major companies involved in this business are doing it. He, also, is not an isolated case either. There have been many other complaints by guys similar to himself.

Now, look at the Youtube News Story. The home dwellers claim the contractors locked them out of their foreclosed home and stole their belongings. They didn’t give permission to have any of their stuff removed, let alone given to strangers to do as they please. This is very emotional for the home dweller because they owned many sentimental things that were taken.

Ultimately, this is a signal that there is an underbelly of problems going on with the foreclosure processes. A lot of people are under stress over having to vacate their homes. Can you imagine for example, a family going out to run errands one day and finding themselves locked out of their homes. They are forced to walk away because once the foreclosure happens, they have to fight to make it look like they didn’t abandon their home at that point.

What defines an abandon home? Does stepping away from the home for an hour render it abandoned? The Property Preservation Crews have taken the evidence to the extreme because they are under great pressure to get paid themselves. So this is a very difficult situation to experience. There seems to be a major problem with banks and even many individuals standing their ground. The people who feel they are owed something are much more motivated to collect than the ones who feel they do the owing. Eventually, at the bottom of the hill, the home dweller gets hit the hardest.

If banks won’t negotiate with the home dweller, then they face a countdown timer until they have to move out. Each state seems to have a different kind of timer.





****BEWARE OF JUST A FEW PHOTO AD. IT IS LIKELY APEX THAT DOES ALTISOURCE AND THOSE FEW PHOTOS WON’T PAY !!!!!! IF IT IS APEX ***RUN/RUN & RUN !!!! THEY WHERE GIVEN 90+ pics and won’t pay. Please listen to the warnings about these property preservation companies !!!!!
Dont be in the con of their empty promises. For those of us who have been screwed know the b.s. of empty promises and the only way to stop these companies is to have no workers. It is no secret in this industry that most of the ones that post on here are the ones most likely to screw you out of what you rightfully earned but they know you have no way to collect when they close one company name and open under different name and you still have no way to get your money cause yoy are subcontractor and not protected by labor dept. to get your money. It takes approx. $1800.00 just for the insurance (1 million dollar commercial policy and the cost to registar your company with State of Oregon and thats just to start. Then you are required to put up $1000’s in fuel, dump fees, and other materials (knob locks, R.V. non-toxic antifreeze for home drain pipes, lumber for boarding windows, step repairs, handrails, lag bolts, specific key coded locks and padlocks, hasps, mold treatment supplies, tarps for tarping roofs) and that is just some basics and doesnt include any hand tools, air compressor to blow lines or the generator you have to have to power the compressor because no power at these properties. Then in spring season riding mowers ( multiple properties have acreage-too much for gas push mowers but you need them too when riders dont fit through fences, chain saws, weed eaters (need oil & fuel to run them). This is just small things because then you need computer and camera to turn in info on the properties.
Example : you need to cut 1 acre / drive and/or tow trailer w/equiptment 40 miles to job location / cut the acre / photo all of the property before you cut – in middle of cut – and after cut for proof you did the job / pay dump fee (aver. on acre 14.00 ) then drive home and enter report through special computer programs and figure in the insurance $1 million general liability policy required and your total pay (if you are lucky enough to even get paid) those typically pay $30 to $45 depending on bank its for and the head company that sends you the order. As well these companies dont pay for average of minimum 6 weeks and 12 weeks so you should have at least $4500.00 to start cause remember its 6 weeks before youre paid and I have used as much as $9000.00 in $$$$ tied up for 11 weeks before it was processed and paid and I had most of that in materials , fuel & dump fees of $6700.00 put out. There are plenty who have been screwed or you wouldnt see all the differant warnings. Best to know what you are up against before your out. If you run out of operating $$$ and simply cant do anymore jobs til they pay it pisses them off and you wait even longer if you see anything at all. And dont be suprised when you have to sign contract to do this work and the small print says you have to go to whatever state the company is in just to sue in small claims to even have a chance to get some of your money. The other person said beware of Quest, AMS, Homeland & New Leaf but you can add Genisis, Inspection Connection in Camas hasn’t paid a dime in months (but I can lien all properties since she hasn’t paid and didn’t have a contract precluding a lien-bank wont be happy over all those penalties per property Sizzlin, APEX (work for Ocwen Bank ), Central Coast Ent., Integrity( just check their State Business Reg.-They are ban to do business in Oregon ) Safeguard & Western Oregon Property Maint. to that. Just look it up at state registry. He (Gary Sander ) was operating under name of Healthier Oregon but when too many people got screwed and were going to sue him he closed H.O. and opened West. Oregon Property Maint. under his wife Michelle Sanders… After all this if you do it ….You brought it on yourself and I wish you GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!
Keep in mind they should be proud of their company but wont usually use their email in ad because the less you know about them the harder it is to collect….



One thought on “Property Preservation Crews Steal and get Stolen From in this Cruel Business.

  1. Apex Construction Services has always paid me on time. Perhaps, they did not do their job according to work order instruction and thus were penalized as it clearly states on every single work order. Do your job and you will get paid. Don’t do your job and you won’t be paid. Get a life loser. Go work for Burger King and see if you can do it your way and see how far that will take you

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