Why Does Wisconsin Prefer Meth and Washington Prefer Heroin?


i have noticed that there seems to be a differing drug of choice between the 2 states. There is a huge meth amphetamine problem in Wisconsin. On the other hand, people love the heroin in Washington. Surely there must be several factors that have led from one preference to the other.

Let’s take a look at the similarities in distribution. Neither heroin, nor meth is effectively produced within either of the states. The herbs that the phytochemicals are extracted from do not and cannot live well within either of these states. The climates aren’t ideal for the plants.

So, effectively the drugs are being shipped in through distribution networks. As a result, someone who has good control of the distribution may have a good network of delivery people to get their product into the states. This is the part that is confusing to me. I have no idea how they have figured out to be the best way to transport materials without getting caught.

It could very well be that raw supplies are brought into the states, to then be processed into the drugs effectively. There are probably a lot of different options to consider. Either way, we know that the best source of the drugs is from the plants. The synthetic versions just aren’t as cost-effective as farming the very plant that naturally produces the phytochemical through its photosynthesis process.


I think the weather has a lot to do with drug preference. Wisconsin gets very cold and the meth will warm you up and heat you nicely. The cold will not bother you while under the influence. In turn, Washington weather is much more laid back and more homeless can actually relax. They can lay around for hours without being concerned the weather will take a drastic change like Wisconsin. This can make opium or heroin more desirable.


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