Train Oil Car Debate Takes a Cautious Turn in Aberdeen, WA After the Train Derailment.

There have been 2 train derailments within 2 weeks of each other in Aberdeen. Luckily, both times involved the grain cars. But if both times involved the oil cars instead? Much of the city would have faced large cleanup bills a part from the repair duty that was only involved with grain cars.


There is much to be cautious about with the train activity. If they decided to increase the tank sizes, this will lead to more train activity through the area. If Walmart has any say about this, they probably would want the trains to have reduced activity. The rail line disrupts a lot of activity for the major shopping district. I have never seen anything like it. The City Planners really didn’t do too much planning when it came to traffic control in this area.

Here is the past debate that occurred before the second crash, and possibly before the first crash too:



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