I Had an Interesting 40 Mile Journey From Raymond to Tokeland and Back

I wanted to get some exercise and decided to bicycle to Tokeland. It is 20 miles from Raymond and a long stretch of road. There are cars that pass about once per minute on average. On Google Maps, it said the ride on bicycle takes about 2 hours to cover. This would be nonstop bicycling, which I never seem to ride more than 30 minutes at a time without stopping to walk for a bit.

The bicycle ride felt great going there. The air was cool. It rained for about 10 minutes and that was it for the rest of the day. I saw many amazing things in the wilderness. There was also a lot of farmland and cows throughout the area. All I could think was this is the perfect farmland for anyone. I’m not sure what the farmers complaint would be for this area, it looks the most perfect to me, especially in comparison to Wisconsin.

There were Mile Markers on the way to Tokeland and I looked forward to counting each one. I always knew how far I was from Tokeland with the markers. Usually, I take the markers for granted in a car. At about Mile Marker 14, I could see Tokeland across the inlet. However, I wasn’t able to reach that part of Tokeland that I saw from a distance.

I got a flat tire the last few miles to Tokeland. I continued to walk the rest of the way and it got to be a challenge. As I walked, I started noticing the vegetation a little more. I saw that raspberries were ready to eat, particularly the ones that grew in the marsh lands. They were delicious.

After reaching a Tokeland gas station, I asked if there was any bicycle shop for my tire, where the clerk and 3 customers lol at me. They made fun of me and said I should have been more prepared. I felt a little discouraged by their spiteful remarks. I walked around Tokeland as best I could. There wasn’t much to see from what I could reach. So I turned around to head back.

I stopped at a house where the people were outside and asked to fill up my bicycle tire. I mentioned that I rode from Raymond and they reacted like I was crazy. Either way I got my tire filled up and moved fast, because I wasn’t sure if the tire would lose air again. Sure enough, I lost air, so it was major damage. I only got a good mile out of that fill up. For the next 10 miles, I had to walk back to Raymond.

On the way back, with my slow pace, I was getting tired and stiff. My mind was struggling to keep me motivated to move, so I started paying more attention to the vegetation. I grabbed more raspberries that were ready to eat, which gave me energy. I also chewed on the spiky, spine plant, which is known to be very nutrient dense. I had to chew off and spit out the spines, but the rest of the leaf was very beneficial.

I chewed on shaved grass, cleavers, and grass stalks as I walked. I noticed that my energy improved after chewing on these plants. I made sure not to swallow them, just suck on the juices. I was a little nervous about poisoning from pollutio, but the plants seemed pretty clean.

I also drank water from a natural spring coming down the mountain. It tasted fresh and clean. It picked up my spirits, although I was very stiff and tired.

I understand that hitch hiking is legal. I just chose not to engage in it. But I took a guess that when I got to the construction zone, where the speed limit went from 55 down to 25, there would be a food chance someone would stop to pick me up. Lo and behold my prayers were answered. A nice couple stopped and offered me a ride. I gladly accepted at that point. I had walked almost 10 miles and had a strong desire to get off my feet. They had enough room in their truck to fit my bicycle even.

They came down to Tokeland from Tacoma, which sounds like a very long drive to me. But I suppose walking seemed like a very long time to them.

At the end of the trip, my arms, neck, and face were pretty burnt from the sun. My legs were stiff. I was incredibly hungry and tired. I sit here in this cool night just letting my sunburns keep me warm. I can feel a lot of heat radiate out from the them, but the night temp is about the perfect temp to deal with the burns right now.



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