Computer Programming in the 1970s: What was that like? Were they still learning punch cards?

Well what I remember in VoTech classes yes we < Newport_Jazz > 05/26 19:32:58

were still using card punch type computers. What was it like? Well I remember a fairly large stainless steel and black plastic/ceramic type panel with loads of holes in it that we had to wire (program). That was back between 1970 and 1974, and I don’t remember many of the details about how the wiring programming process went to get the results desired. It wasn’t all that hard to do, as is proven by me being able to do it and I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the class. I did see this class push a couple or few students over the edge, resulting in screaming, tears and quitting what I thought was a fairly easy class. After thinking about this a bit just now, it seemed more like a data management type thing more so then programming as we know it now, but it was cool stuff at that time.


Troll Alert § < Captain_Comando >


Ahh, the glory days of mainframe BASIC < yetanothertroll > 05/26 20:09:26


COBOL RULES § < Mad_Tony > 05/26 20:23:12


don’t forget < eddiej74 > 05/26 20:41:24

RPG, RPGIII and of course RPG/400 🙂 COBOL wasn’t too bad until you misspelled something and ended up with a lot of errors.


But now we have OO COBOL .NET for the web! < yetanothertroll > 05/26 21:09:13

Turn all your old CICS code into web forms!


Paper tape in ’72, punched cards in ’74… < Toadstool > 05/26 20:36:19

…Assembler, then PL/1, then EDL for process control.

Compiles and test runs took a day so we learned to desk check code and test for failure, not just success.


I still saw paper tape in use 1986 < Mad_Tony > 05/26 20:54:41

loading microcode on a ICL FEP


I started school at < philo565 > 05/27 01:43:50

MSOE in 1967 and could not wait to take my first computer class.

Programming in FORTRAN IV

I soon got to hate it though as using punch cards was frustrating.

There was only one terminal on campus (paper print out , no CRT) but it was reserved for upperclassmen only.

After I graduated and got a job I went back to school for some post-graduate education and could not believe that as late as 1979 I still had to use punch cards. Yes, there were some terminals then but they were not available for the class I was taking.


LOTS of dip switches § < wizardscycle > 05/27 04:17:06


WATCH: Kids React to Old Computers < longsun > 05/27 08:32:59

a group of young children are shown an old Apple II computer, one a time. Then, they react.




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