Asking About an Abandoned House Near Raymond

I was bicycling an old railroad line, which was turned into a trail. The crew simply pulled up the rails and left the rocks behind. About 6 miles away from Raymond, I came upon this obviously abandoned house. I checked it out and took a little video of it. I got both the outside and inside of it. I was amazed at how sturdy it looked.

(The abandoned home is located at the end of South Fork Rd.)

After spending some time at the abandoned house, I continued down the trail again. Approaching the neighbors driveway, which was nearly 1/4 mile away, I caught 4 people working in the grounds. They were the residents of the property and they were all out there doing some work with tractors and equipment. I decided to ask them about about the abandoned house next to their property.

First I asked who the property owner was. They gave me a quizzical look about how to answer that question. So, I quickly explained that I have a question about the property area. A lady spoke up and said she is the property owner. I then ask her about the abandoned property. She said that the property is not abandoned. It is owned by a lawyer. She said its up for sale and asked me if I wanted to buy it. I said no, that I’m not interested in purchasing the property.

Then she asked me what my interest was in the property. I just gave a lousy excuse that I was bicycle riding around, saw the house and became curious about. I said that there are companies who purchase abandoned homes, or possibly homes that have gone untended for long periods of time.

One of the guys asked where I was from. I said that I am just a traveller and don’t really claim to be live in any particular city. He made the statement that surely I must have come from somewhere. I then answer his question a little more keenly by saying that my car is parked in Raymond, about 6 miles away. I said that I like to travel around to different cities, park my car, then use my bicycle to peddle around a 10 mile radius away from my car and explore the area. I was looked at with suspicion for that answer.

I seemed to satisfy the question of where I came from.


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