A Day in the Life of a Tech Savvy Homeless Guy.

I wake up in my car again, early in the morning. Its another beautiful day out and I get to enjoy every minute of it. There are cars that pass nearby which can be a little annoying, especially the big trucks, but I try not to let it get to me too much. I have eat protection for when the noise gets a little too much.

I love to read a book upon waking up when the daylight is out. I recently found a Biography written by Anne Rule about Ted Bundy. I found the book at the donate station behind a Thrift Store. What an amazing book. I am amazed the changes Ted Bundy went through to become a killer. I highly recommend.

Anyway, after spending about 15 minutes reading, I get out of my car to stretch my legs and find somewhere to go pee. Luckily, there are bathrooms nearby that are never locked. Many times I have to find some bushes, which is a challenge. I walk in a round about way back to my car. I don’t like taking the same path too often.

Today, my car is parked near the library, so I get on my iPad and check apps, websites, mail, jobs, news sources and whatever else I fancy. I don’t watch any videos because I worry about wasting electricty.

After playing on the Internet I think about how I can feed myself for the day. Its tough begging for money or food. I like to think of myself as one of the cleaner bums, but we all have the same kind of stigma. But I refuse to allow myself to sink too much lower if I can help it.

Luckily, if people don’t have cash on them, I can use the new updated Square Reader. It works offline now. Since I don’t have a phone, I can have people swipe their card and then I run to the nearest library and upload the most recent donations.

I don’t know how much people can trust the Square Reader being used by bums, but it can help for those who don’t carry cash. Check it out.



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