Some Thoughts While Bicycling on the Trail Today.

Sometimes she wants me too walk with her. She gets a little tired of me riding her all the time. Sometimes, I even have to carry her instead. She falters and needs extra help with hills. Her flats are rare but when she wears them, she gets very clumsy.

We go the distance together all the time. We last for hours. I’m amazed at how insatiable her endurance is. She is always ready to go. We get lost in each other’s energetic gyrations over long distances. It’s like we become one entity together.

I keep her in my car when I don’t need her. She will just sit there motionless and uncaring. I will feel a little guilty having not brought her out for another go, if too many days pass. She does start out a little stiff and squeaky at times. All I need to do is apply a little lube to her and she loosens right up.

I don’t want to make her feel jealous, but I will admire other rides like her sometimes. Usually, I look from a distance and try to make sure she is somewhere else if I need to get a real close look of another. Otherwise, I am happy with her performance and hope to continue our relationship for a real long time.



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