All Investors are Thought of as Leaches. I was one of those leaches. Now my blood supply has run dry.

My problem is that I do and say things that are very controversial. If I were to ever have a girlfriend in the future, I would probably have to bite my tongue and not wander around so much. Since this lifestyle is what I know best, I would be at a great loss to another person in a relationship. I would have to depend on them to go through lifestyle changes that improve the relationship.

I am a person who is considered a leach. I have been called a leach by everyone in my family. They also, sometimes, will call me a black sheep. This is tough to hear. I don’t know how I can prove them wrong. Instead, it’s just easier to walk away from their scorn and ignore the majority of their opinions.

My approach to life is doing as little as possible physically to make money. Yes, that makes me sound like a leach. But that is how the rich people get ahead of others. They have their money work for them. Then it is supposed to grow and compile upon itself over time. For a few years, I made a lot of interest from stocks and banks. It felt good and all I wanted to do was throw more money into that money growing machine.

Unfortunately, I got into trouble with my health and investing and have been losing ever since. I really need help and want to help others so that I can try to make an honest buck. But, unfortunately, what makes the most sense to me is trying to put more effort into things that have a chance to grow on their own and continue to make me money when I’m not working.

My family refuses to accept investments for some reason. I learned to embrace them from an early age. When I was 15 years old I bought a bank CD and slipped it under my pillow and thought how much bigger it was going to get the next day. Even though the interest rate was only 4%, it still felt like something. I had something to look forward to.

Today, the bank interest rates are still terrible. They were a major driving factor for me to watch rates closely. Financially, I have nothing that is growing into anything profitable. I have been experiencing loss every day for the past few years. It has left me distraught.

So, at this time, my life is still in a downward spiral. As I reach bottom, I find myself scrambling a little harder to find any opportunity to make an extra dollar. I even got a little excited to find a dime in a parking lot today. Someone’s clumsy misfortune became my saving grace. It seems wrong to expect the misfortune of others will help me financially, but that just seems how things are working these days.



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