A Story of The Little Cats Who Work like Elves.

Stray cats are like little elves that are too shy to talk to you. They live in tiny enclosures that are well isolated from the rest of human society. They live on the fringes of cities where many people don’t pass by enough to take special notice. They are the elves who hunt prey all the time because it is in their nature. Even after their Leaders and Masters have long since gone, these elven cats will remain and continue working. Their parents may have had regular humans to interact with in the past, but it only takes one generation to wipe out any memory of active human contact.

They don’t rely on humans for help and assume that the structures they live in and run around have always been there for them.

One little elf showed me a kind of curiosity that says to me it understands human interaction a little bit. It may have been an older cat with its grayish fur and whitish whiskers. But when all the other elves ran for their lives upon my presence, this one stopped and stared. What was it thinking?

Who is this strange human who wanders without riding inside the large metal beasts? Is he lost? Does he need my help to show him the way out of here? Does he bring any food to eat? My favorite is tuna. I shall sit here and watch him to see what his next move will be. Since I’m the most mature matriarch in our elven tribe, I will show no fear against this threat to our small society. My brothers and sisters need to watch what happens to me as I stand like a watchful servant to the human.

Is this human trying to communicate with me? I don’t understand a thing he says. We elves have long developed our own largely because we are too busy to learn about how others speak. I hear from other elves that the humans can be cruel and petulant to those elves who actually have taken the time to learn their language. My feline tribe doesn’t need to bother with trivial disputes that can arise with misunderstanding humans in their own tongue. If they want to communicate with us, they will have to learn our language instead to understand our ways.

The human spies my wife in the field across the ways. I hope she doesn’t let him distract her too much, we need to catch a good dinner for tonight. We have gone a long time, far too long without a decent meal.

I can’t believe how all these little elves get a long without much human interaction. But I understand that the city has been shrinking for many years. Actually, it is no longer big enough to be called a city anymore. It used to be a city, but now it’s turned into a village. Although, this village is not the kind you would expect to see sprout out from humble roots. There now lie a lot of vacant and abandoned buildings. There are more buildings than the humans can tend too themselves.

The elves started taking over areas that they noticed humans neglected. They claim and tend to what they can as part of their efforts to make their own living in peace.



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