If 4chan and 9Gag Could Make a Baby, the Whisper App Would Be Their Christ Child

I never had more fun interacting with people than I do on this. It is the combo of pictures and words together, like a meme. Whatever you can fit onto the pic is your message. I have never enjoyed an app so much before.

A pic is mandatory. If you don’t choose one from your library, then the app will find a pic using key words. Sometimes the pics it chooses are relevant. Like, when I mentioned, PacMan it gave me a pic of PacMan.

Writing to anyone is very easy to do. Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to say a lot. If you really wanted to explain something complex, you wouldn’t be able to. You want to keep your messages short and to the point.

People can Heart and respond to your whispers. I wish we could give a negative strike too. It doesn’t seem fair that we have to rely on a system of only positive votes. But I guess the commenting could support the negative voting which would force you to explain yourself.

I haven’t seen anyone do it yet, but you will start to see people advertising their websites through the app. I know I’m tempted to advertise myself on the app. I can photoshop pics with my address on them. Or I can make a few pics with my Twitter account on them and see how many people sign up.

The Whisper app will be getting offers from some major company. This app is just too good to ignore. There are a lot of things that it has potential for. Its basic model is building on 4chan practically, where they simply separated the pic from the message. Or you can liken this app to 9gag, where people submit their funniest pic and explain it in a separate message. Either way, it is a hybrid between the 2 websites. In fact if 4chan and 9gag could make an app baby, Whisper would be it.

I think the app could use some improvements. The improvements include offering more photoshop-like features within the app. I would love to be able to crop, size and fade the pics I use. This would be similar to Instagram. So, in a way, Whisper is similar to Instagram, only different because it acts more secretly.

I love looking at the different pics. This app is very visually appealing. On top of that, there are funny and interesting messages. I believe the crowd who use Whisper right now are quite, because many talk about their first kisses and embarrassments in relationships. The elderly tend not to concern themselves with embarrassment as much.

I like that Whisper keeps track of messages and lets me directly communicate with people if I choose. Each new conversation spawns a new one, and you can lose track of the original conversation a little bit. But that is ok, because it depends on how much we want to really dig for messages anyway.

Does Twitter have the capability to submit pics like this app? I love that you are required to use a pic, even if you go into your own pics and choose a blank white patch. You still had to chose something visual.

The word associations are a little off-base and funny. I mentioned stroke in one message, and was given a pic of a penis. I just accepted it and sent the message. Some girls later commented that I had a nice penis and that it looked big. At least I think they were girls. Either way, it’s very cool to see the pic associated with certain words I used. The pic can either compliment the message or confuse and take away from it. It’s all in good fun.



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