The Definition of Camping Has Changed Drastically in the Past 100 Years.

Sorry this doesn’t make sense. Why am I posting it then? I don’t know.

Recently, I was accused by the Police in Westport, WA of camping. He saw me sleeping in my car in the library parking lot at 1 am. Camping is illegal within the city limits unless you pay money for a designated spot. But was I even camping in the traditional sense? How do they even define the word camping?

The way I used to think of camping was going out into the woods, pitching a tent, building a fire and relaxing in the area. This was pretty traditional. People would normally camp after a hike as a rest point. It was temporary location that had enough space around to cook, possibly clean, and secure your belongings.

Many years ago, camping was a much larger part of daily life. People were allowed to camp anywhere they pleased that was safe and didn’t intrude on local people. Campers had a mutual respect for each other’s privacy, but on occasion, issues crept up.

As more problems came to light with camping, city councils started debates over the issues. What would be the best solution that can make everyone happy? Well, no single law can make everybody happy, so it turned into asking the question, who provides the city with the largest tax revenue? Thus, the developing solutions came at the expense of the property owners pocket book and the poverty stricken freedom.

No camping laws sprang up on federal, county, state and private lands. Then if that wasn’t enough, they change the definition of camping. It wasn’t enough to disallow people to set up camps to relax on a property. Night time curfews emerged to enforce the no camping laws. Or maybe in some areas there were curfew laws first. Either way, these two laws, which are usually used for militarized zones are widely popular in all cities.

Curfews may have started out as focusing on children, but then governments found them useful on adults as well. So, if its not enough to have no camping laws, the curfew hours will strongly enforce it. Curfew is normally focused on night time when its dark out.


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