Sugar Addicts: Fructose Tolerance is like Alcohol Tolerance

Yes, its true that not everybody gets extremely obese from sugar consumption. But in turn, everybody has their own tolerances for alcohol, as well. It’s a lot about genetics of the addicts. We have our own tolerances and will powers. They are different among all of us.

I can’t believe how many people want to continue blaming the obese for being lazy. They aren’t lazy, they are addicted to a sugar extract and have no willpower to fight their addiction. Many times, they don’t understand what exactly is causing their unhealthy weight gain. Even the professionals don’t know why or tell them lies.

Here are some reasons I believe the obese are like drug addicts. They share a lot of commonalities. For example, all drug addicts have a “turning point” in their life when they say enough is enough. Every person has a tolerance level set at a different level. People live in denial of their addiction until something really shakes them to their core.

For me, my turning point was when I nearly failed my military weight test. If I had not sucked in my belly, I would have failed. The tester even told me to let out my belly, but I only gave him a little give. If I had given him all my belly, I would have failed and that would have seriously damaged my pay grade.

I realized then that something different needed to occur. I was 23 at the time. A few weeks later, I came across a book titled, Protein Power, which really changed my perception on fat gain. Although, I took their advice to the extreme for many years, what they said still resonates with me. From their advice, I beleive that I need to focus on eating mostly fat and fiber. I haven’t suffered any major fat gains since using their advice.

But most of the obese sugar addicts don’t get the chance to realize their problems as early as I was able to. It really takes an enlightening education to understand how much the processed sugar wrecks havoc on our metabolism.


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