Little Kurtis Cobain and his Childhood in Aberdeen; Some maps to locations he frequented.

Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home 1210 E 1st St Aberdeen, WA
bandicam 2014-05-17 14-52-44-629

-old Rosevears Music Store is where Kurt purchased guitar -224 E Wishkah Aberdeen

bandicam 2014-05-17 14-18-20-615

-old Rosevears music store was located 211 E Wishkah

bandicam 2014-05-17 14-23-30-824

-old Aberdeen Armory has some Kurt items 111 E 3rd St

bandicam 2014-05-17 14-25-11-276

-408 West First St Shillinger home Kurt hung out here early childhood

bandicam 2014-05-17 14-26-24-396

-Marie’s Hair Salon when Kurt and Kris practiced 107 S M ST

bandicam 2014-05-17 14-31-11-839

-Aberdeen Hospital where Kurt was born 915 Anderson Dr.

bandicam 2014-05-17 14-32-34-205

Nirvana went through 5 drummers.

Twitter: @acumagnet

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