Homelessness and Abandoned Homes are at Odds With One Another. Here is My Opinion.

Is it fair to prevent homeless people from using an abandoned home? Why shouldn’t it be legal for a homeless person to take possession of such kind of home? If nobody owns the property, but someone can really use it, then they should be allowed to.

Society operates strongly under the system of buying and selling. There now has to be someone who sells and someone who buys. But that system is not how America came to be. The white settlers took possession in a completely different nature. They drove out the Indians and claimed the properties as their own.

Historically, we don’t follow the same principles consistently. So far, for the past 100 years or so, people have been buying and selling properties. So, as a result, the young people get the impression that buying and selling is the only way America works. If you want some property, then you need to pay for it.

But there are situations which operate on the fringe of our buy and sell culture. People don’t quite know how to deal with the adverse possessions. What do you do when a house owner dies, has no children and family is no where to be found? Who can take ownership of such property? Does it become city property?



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