Taxi Cabs are getting more Competitive with new App called Flywheel; UberX and Lyft Beware!

They whined and moaned about the new apps taking away their business. They tried to get the City Council to make the apps illegal. But now, they are realizing that they just needed to change their ways and work with the new emerging technology instead. Since the Taxi cabs are a little late to the playing field in the business of giving people rids, they have to spill a lot of money into heavy promotions to make up the lost ground the UberX.

This reminds me of the heavy promos I was constantly hearing about for iHeartRadio after Pandora got really popular. Once a software becomes a big hit with the influential people, then it takes a lot of money to try and buy a mass market in response. Where is iHeartRadio these days anyway? Oh yeah, that’s right, I don’t really care. I have to admit I did like Pandora for a little bit, but that was just a short phase.

Flywheel is holding nothing back in their promotion. Part of the reason that I write this is because of their job ad in the gig section of Craigslist. It looks like a great gig for a poor, homeless guy like myself. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Seattle, San Fran, or Los Angeles. So, it is limited to the west coast at this time.

I wonder what apps are being used in New York? Either way, there must be some kind of ride share and paid ride battles going on over there.

ImageHere is the craigslist ad: Image

Ofcourse, the company is going offer less money to promote it than its worth. I need the money and probably would take advantage if I was in the area. But on a social level, I question how soon the Taxis would have had this app ready to go if UberX had not emerged so effectively onto the transportation scene.

I could see Habib sitting back and laughing at the thought of an app people use to schedule pick up times. That is not how things are supposed to work. The business has always been a call in for a Taxi service that requires a Dispatch. That is the traditional way things have been working for many decades. There is no benefit in trying to change that system, right? Wrong.

These apps developers are being pitted against one another. The first ones to the scene can patent their work and prevent others from using it for 5 years or so. Even 5 years is a huge advantage with innovation. No one else can make anything similar to what you made without getting an appropriate law suit jammed down their throat.

Flywheel has really got to try hard to make their app look cool, even though it is going to have to look completely different from UberX and Lyft.


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