Minecraft: The Night and Day Cycles Will Need to Change.

If Minecraft wants to simulate life and survival in the woods, why not make the days more like actual days. They could give us an option to set our time to the local time zone. Then, whatever natural light we have, that is what Minecraft also has. Its a matter of slowing down their short arbitrary night and day cycle. It can’t be too hard to change in the game.

I think it would be neat to have to battle monsters all night while it really is dark out. You could have about 12 hours straight of darkness and 12 hours of lightness. People should have that choice to manipulate time. But we shouldn’t just have to be limited by lengthening time either.

What if someone wanted 1 minute day and 10 minute night cycles? You could really mess with the day and night cycles and make it feel more like another planet. A person could have 30 second day and 30 second night cycles. That way the day and night would feel like a flash.

Its not like any of the features of the land conform to the day and night cycles. The monsters only spawn in shadows. You could have some interesting interactions with monsters but changing the time cycles. It all depends on how much you want to torture yourself.

I’m just a little bored and annoyed with the 10 minute day and 10 minute night cycles. I’m surprised I haven’t seen any mods to manipulate the lengths of those times. Maybe there is something. Usually when I think of something, I find out that someone thought of it at least 6 months before me.

It would also be interesting to switch a long time cycle by making it opposite times in Minecraft in comparison to reality. When its noon IRL, it can be midnight in Minecraft. So, when you are playing at night, it is day time all night in the game. That could really warp your sense of reality.

If you had 1 second day and 1 second night time, that would be interesting. I wonder how villagers would react to that?



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